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39 Christmas Race Palamos 2014


Racing gets underway in Palamós on day four

21 December 2015

Palamós (Girona).- The so longed wind finally arrived at the 40 GAES Christmas Race and racing got underway for all Classes. Around midday, a South- Southwest breeze entre 5-7 knots arrived at the bay and all Race Committee could give starts from 13.00h.

Spanish team Ángela Pumariega together with Patricia Cantero are the first leaders in 470 women at the GAES Christmas Race followed by German sailors Annika Bochmann and Marlene Steinherr.

In 470 Men, Italian team Simon Svitz Kosuta and Jas Farneti keep the lead after the third place of today. Second place is for Spanish sailors José Manuel Ruiz and Fernando Dávila at five points from the Italians. Third place overall is for sailors Tim Riley and Ryan Orr from Great Britain.

The lead in the Finn class is for Spanish sailor Miguel Fernández Vasco. Tied in second, third and fourth place respectively are Spanish sailor Alex Muscat, Polish sailor Lukasz Lesinki and Max Kohlhof from Germany.

After the four races sailed by the 49ers, Polish team Dominik Buksak and Simon Wierzbicki lead the overall standings followed at three points difference by Spanish team Carlos Robles and Daniel Cánovas. Third place overall goes to France with team Kevin Fischer and Yann Jauvin tied with the Spanish crew.

France leads the Laser radial fleet with sailor Pernelle Michon followed by British sailor Ellie Cumpsy. Cristina García from Spain is third overall.

Russia and France take the podium places in Laser Standard. Russian sailor Sergey Komissarov is in the lead, second place is for Antony Munos from France and third place is for Dimitry Tretyakov also from Russia

Dutch team Jeske Kisters and Josca Hummel are the leaders in the 49erFX fleet.

The Europe Class has sailed two races today and puts an end to its participation in the regatta as only four days were scheduled. In the men’s fleet, Spanish Sailor Rafael Rabasa has claimed victory followed by German Sailor Maurice Oster at only two points and third place has been for Spanish sailor Alejandro Pareja.

In the women’s fleet, podium places go to Spain with Irene Sánchez, Ascensión Roca de Togores and Irene Pareja, first, second and third respectively.

Thomas Moncomble and Martin Guez from France lead the 29er standings followed and in the Laser Radial men the lead is for Switzerland with Sailor Luca Borsella.

Spanish team María Bover and Clara Llabrés lead the 420 girls overall standings and the top place of the 420 boys standings is for team Noam Bloch and Antoine Cholley.

Tomorrow, last day of competition, there will be fleet racing for all Classes and three races are required to have a valid regatta. The weather forecast announces wind from the early morning so starts have been brought forward to 10.00h.  

1 Miguel Fernández Vasco (ESP), 3 p
2 Alejandro Muscat (ESP), 9 p
3 Lukasz Lesinski (POL), 9 p
Laser Radial Women
1 Pernelle Michon (FRA), 3 p
2 Ellie Cumpsy (GBR), 3 p
3 Cristina García (ESP), 7 p
470 Women
1 Angela Pumariega/Patricia Cantero (ESP), 7 p
2 Annika Bochmann/Marlene Steinherr (GER), 9 p
3 Theres Dhanke/Birte Winkel (GER), 11 p
470 Men
1 Simon Sivitz Kosuta/Jas Farneti (ITA), 4 p
2 José Manuel Ruíz/Fernando Dávila (ESP), 9 p
3 Tim Riley/Ryan Orr (GBR), 10 p
1 Dominik Buksak/Szymon Wierzbicki (POL), 22 p
2 Carlos Robles/Daniel Cánovas (ESP), 25 p
3 Kevin Fischer/Yann Jauvin (FRA), 25 p
1 Jeske Kisters/Josca Hummel (NED), 5 p
2 Bart Lambriex/Daniel Bramervaer (GER), 14 p
3 Marie Soler/Albane Dubois (FRA), 14 p
Europe Men
1 Rafael Rabasa (ESP), 9 p
2 Maurice Oster (GER), 11 p
3 Alejandro Pareja (ESP), 12 p
Europe Women
1 Irene Sánchez (ESP), 9 p
2 Ascensión Roca de Togores (ESP), 22 p
3 Irene Pareja (ESP), 25 p
Laser Radial Men
1 Luca Borsella (SUI), 8 p
2 Jéremy Moutour (MON), 10 p
3 Adam Caillaud (FRA), 7 p
1 Thomas Moncomble/Martin Guez (FRA), 2 p
2 Nicolas Savage/Paulin Raison (FRA), 6 p
3 Erik Bohmer/Pablo Iturbe (ESP), 7 p
420 Girls
1 María Bover/Clara Llabrés (ESP), 4 p
2 Clara Olive/Lea Carpentier (FRA), 5 p
3 Isabel Julia Davies/Gemma Kers (GBR), 5 p
420 Boys
1 Noam Bloch/Antoine Cholley (FRA), 4 p
2 Carlos Balaguer/Ignacio Balaguer (ESP), 9 p
3 Diego Costa/Pedro Costa (POR), 10 p

40 GAES CHRISTMAS RACE - Carretera del Club Nàutic, s/n - 17230 - Palamós - España
Contact : jsoler@harcom.org